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Pen of a Ready Writer Society Anthology



The Anthology is designed by The Pen of a Ready Writer Society  which meets quarterly in person and once a month by phone. This  organism is graced with some of the east coast finest  writers.  THE BREATH OF A FRESH WORD is a collections of poetry, poetry without words (the illustrators and artist's  visual viewpoints), short stories, tid-bits for life, love of self and GOD, and humor.

This  anthology, THE BREATH OF A FRESH WORD has something for every one, the young, the young at heart, the faint, the bold, the pauper and the affluent. You’ll crack your side, you’ll be outraged, you'll cry your eyes out, you’ll rejoice in the Lord, you’ll not want to put this collection down.  Be risky. Take this plunge. Go for this  ride, explore this new horizon. Make the journey.  You will return more vibrant than ever.








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