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Pen of a Ready Writer Society


Mission Statement

Mission Statement of KBP/PRWS is to inspire the advancement of writers of all literary styles, by promoting skill, opportunity, and prosperity.


Vision Statement

  • Give novice writers the same opportunity as the established author to achieve success

  • Educate and create networks through workshops, conferences, media, shows, and the like

  • Display the works of authors so they are gratified and gain prosperity for their craft 

  • Produce such work where KBP is known globally for its creative writers.

Membership Criteria


 Submit writings for critique and/or Periodical (chapter of manuscript not more than 1200 words), Poems (three per submission)¨ Submit works for contests and for presentation¨ $50 one time membership fee (If member if inactive for a year, membership must be renewed) ¨ Pay $5 monthly or $60 annually for dues¨ Attend Meetings held quarterly, four times a year

Membership Benefits

  • Four per year PRWS Newsletter

  • Four Meetings/Forum Per Year

  • Agency and Industry Standard Critiques

  • Forums for authors and audience to share their books

  • One informative & motivational workshop per year

  • One eclectic and inspirational conference per year

  • Free Tee

Pen of a Ready Writer Society is a non-profit organization established under the parent company Kingdom Builders Publications.

Pen of a Ready Writer Society

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