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Pen of a Ready Writer Society


Mission Statement

Mission Statement of KBP/PRWS is to inspire the advancement of writers, of all literary styles, by promoting skill, opportunity, and prosperity.


Vision Statement

Give novice writer the same opportunity as the veteran in order to achieve success, to aid writers by educating and creating a network or forums through workshops, conferences, media, shows, and any such the like in order to display the works of authors that they are gratified and gain prosperity for their craft; educating and to produce such work where KBP is known in South Carolina and globally for its creative writers.

Membership Criteria


 Submit writings for critique and/or Periodical (chapter of manuscript not more than 1000 words), Poems (three per submission)¨ Submit works for contests and for presentation¨ $50 one time membership fee (If member if inactive for a year, membership must be renewed) ¨ Pay $5 monthly or $60 annually for dues¨ Attend Meetings held quarterly, four times a year

Membership Benefits

  • Four per year PRWS Newsletter

  • Four Meetings/Forum Per Year

  • Agency and Industry Standard Critiques

  • Forums for authors and audience to share their books

  • One informative & motivational workshop per year

  • One eclectic and inspirational conference per year

  • Free Tee

Pen of a Ready Writer Society is a non-profit organization established under the parent company Kingdom Builders Publications.

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