Featured New 2021 Authors

Angela R. Williams

Inspired to G.R.O.W. (Get Rid of Waste)

 Non-Fiction, Memoir, Biography 
8 X 5 Soft Cover 

Gloss 87 Pages 


Kingdom Builders Publications, LLC

This is a story of one woman's transformation from struggles through hurt, erroneous teachings, and venomous relationships, all of which led her to get rid of toxic people and learned idioms so she can live a free and un inhibited life.

Dr. Williams has inspired many with the concept of love thyself, then love thy neighbor and has inspired others to take the path of least resistance in throwing away unnecessary burdens in your life.

As you Read Inspired to Grow, you will be gravitated to the pleasant and finer things of life, starting with a peace of mind.

Sheila Blackmon-Neal

What's In Your Hand, Mr. Preston?

 Non-Fiction, Children's Book, Heritage, Legacy, Pictorial
8 X 8 Soft Cover 

Gloss 42 Pages 


Kingdom Builders Publications, LLC

This book is about Mr. Preston (Rev. Dr. Preston Blackmon). A gifted, skilled, talented and unselfish man; who shared every gift he had with his God, his family, and all of mankind. Especially to the citizens of Lancaster, South Carolina.

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