About the Authors

Elma P. Lomack is a child of God.  She is the daughter of the late George and Charlotte Pearson.  She is the youngest of nine children.  She was born in Darlington, SC, and moved to Connecticut when she was in the 5th grade.  Elma graduated high school in New Haven, CT. 


She has been widowed for six years.  She has four children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. 

Elma went to Sandhills Community College in North Carolina and graduated with an Associate’s degree in 2010.  She worked at Unilever Personal Care Plant for 25 years.  She retired in 2020. 


She gave her life to the Lord in 1979.  She received her Elder’s license in North Carolina in 2003, and her Evangelist certificate in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2018.  Elma is a member of The Worship Encounter Ministries in Columbia, SC.


Elma loves serving God and people.  Her motto is, “If we work together, nobody has to work harder than they should.”  She helps by giving her time and money when she can.  She has been a choir president, a mission president, a choir director, and an associate minister.  She has also served on the usher board and the church aide committee. 


Elma is called a virtuous woman by her children, like the woman described in Proverbs 31. 

Brad Washington, 1991, is a South Carolina native and is no stranger to hard work.  Washington is a 28-year-old educator who has worked with elementary youth for approximately ten years.

He served Richland District Two and is currently employed with Communities in Schools of the Midlands as a Site Coordinator/Behavior Specialist and with Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands as a program director and as a new professional trainer.

His interest in leading youth happened merely by chance. Washington’s mother signed him up for a work-study job at 19 years old with Midlands Technical College and was placed at an after-school program where Mr. Ken Garner served as his mentor. Mr. Garner would heavily influenced Mr. Washington.  He learned the importance of providing a learning environment for youth. There were mentors over the years whom have helped influence Mr. Washington in a similar vein. They are Dr. Tonya Rhett, Dr. Johnathan Abney,  Dr. Tracy Goodwin, Jason Ashley, Terri Johnson, Raiford Collins, Jason Robinson, RC Washington, Veronica Watkins, Robin McCall, and Elisa Westfall, just to name a few.

Brad enjoys exercising, reading a good book, and working on new ways to influence children.

Mr. Washington wrote this book to dedicate to students, parents, and staff who were influenced by the program. It also allows educators, youth leaders, mentors, and parents to create an environment for youth success.

He plans to write more books centered on building an environment for success soon.

Brad Washington is a 2010 graduate of Richland Northeast High School and a 2018 graduate of Anderson University, majoring in Human Services/Behavior Science.


Rhonda Whitaker -1975 is a native of South Carolina. She is the mother of three children and six grandchildren. She received a formal education in Clarendon School District #2 of SC and graduated with the distinguished class of 1993 from Manning High School. Upon matriculating from high school Rhonda went on to pursue higher education and received her cosmetology and phlebotomy licensures. From an early age Rhonda had a very strong call on her life and received her ministerial license in November of 1999 and was ordained in March of 2005. Rhonda is a woman of many gifts and is currently fulfilling multiple capacities. She is the owner and operator of Katie Pearls This and That Foods of Columbia SC, the visionary of Unrevealed Gifts, Whitaker is an actor, playwright, and an author. Rhonda’s favorite Scripture is Psalm 91: 1, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Rhonda believes she is called to minister to women who are wounded, broken, and abandoned. Her mission is to usher those women to a place of healing and full restoration.

Theresa Ann Boddie, born the sixth child of eight siblings, was raised by both parents, Ernest and M. Helen Boddie, in Washington, D.C. She currently lives in Fort Washington, Maryland. She is the mother of one son, Von.
After working many years with Verizon Communication as a Services Technician, she retired. 
Theresa loves to laugh and make others laugh, but she has struggled with shyness within herself, from childhood through adulthood, which hindered her from fulfilling many dreams. However, Theresa is still a big dreamer, and she’s always on a mission, completing one project and starting another. 
Theresa strives to be the best that she can be. She shows it in many ways; she tries to let her light so shine by doing missionary work, blessing others with a cheerful word, and by sharing and/or giving from her heart. Going to church and working in the church as an usher and nurse in Her Father’s house, where God’s Word dwells, gives her strength.



Rev. Sheila Blackmon-Neal was born the seventh child of the late Rev. Dr. Preston and Wilma Myers Blackmon.  She is the widow of the late Deacon William G. Neal. 

After graduating from Lancaster High School in Lancaster, SC, in 1975, she enrolled at Allen University, majoring in Art Education.  In the fall of 1977, she transferred to South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education in the fall of December 1980.  In 1998, she earned a Master’s of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

She is a retired teacher, having taught for 32 years in Williamsburg County and Sumter County, with God’s blessing.

God has blessed her with so many gifts.  Art and music were always her passion as a young child.  She also loved to write songs, plays, skits, and poetry throughout her life.  She is grateful to God, and she gives him continual praise, glory, and honor.

In the year of 2000, God called her into the ministry to preach the gospel.  After the call of God was so heavy on her heart, she enrolled at Beacon University (Macon, Georgia) and completed her Master’s degree in Divinity and Theology in 2007.  She is presently a full-time pastor of the One Step Christian Ministries in Bishopville, South Carolina.

Rev. Sheila Blackmon-Neal is also the author of a children’s book that pays homage to her father entitled What’s In Your Hand, Mr. Preston?

Debra Q Rogers was born January 28, 1961 and is a native of South Carolina.   She is a published author and poet, a devoted wife, mother of two, and grandmother of one. Debra is an avid reader and writer and has been since early childhood. She has always anticipated writing a book. Debra has a heart for those who have been cast aside or simply ignored. Debra’s favorite pass times are serving in the local schools’ reading programs and assisting at hospice facilities. Debra finds that she receives her greatest joy when helping someone along the way.  If she encourages at least one person each day, then she is moving in the right direction. She believes God places us in environments to help others. Debra serves as a Notary Public for the state of South Carolina.

Rogers works diligently in mentoring, motivating, and encouraging others. Her favorite Bible verses are Philippians 2:2-4 (NIV) and Proverbs 12:25 (AMP).

Debra is a member of the Pen of a Ready Writer Society and continues to embrace the beauty of bringing words to life thru writing. Debra’s love and passion for God and to serve others in need is her motivation for life.


Marche Hilton Singleton is an African American activist, writer of short stories, poems, general thoughts, and a public speaker.  She fell in love with words early in life and attempted to turn them into something that matter. Her writings focus on the daily bread of life that covers the many aspects of the human condition.  An upbringing in a Jim Crow south of the fifties served to mold her reality but the love of a close knit Black community helped to give way to the possibilities of happy endings. She was raised by her mother’s oldest sister whose father was Irish and had the joy of her grandmother’s love whose skin shined with the hue of the blue/black that’s found among the Sudanese people of Africa.  Her father was a rare item in her life and she would learn later that his father had arrived in the US by way of Trinidad. Life.  lessons taught her that no matter how much of a hodgepodge of blood ran in her veins she would always be her grandmother’s child and would live life and report it accordingly.  Religion played an important role in her childhood but as she aged would lean more towards God and less towards the too many interpretation of the written word delivered by the church. As the eternal optimist, she delivers her many stories with honesty that often bounces between happy and sad but concludes her sentences with a dash of hope that leaves the reader willing to begin the next story.  

Jaé Lee knows her daughter, as she should. When she was a child, AJae gave her mom a run for her money. Trying to find unconventional discipline methods, Jaé Lee told AJae stories. These stories just so happened to be centered around the very thing AJae was getting in trouble for. It didn’t end there. Time evolved these allegories to every aspect of life. Through emotional times, the tales brought them through.

Whether it was an absent father or a mother’s life-threatening illness, Kassie with a K figured out how to navigate it all. Sometimes it was AJae’s turn to make up the narrative for her mother when she felt her mom needed them, too.

They used these stories to relate and say what they didn’t have the words to convey directly. As time went on, the two reminisced and decided those moments were pivotal for the development of their relationship. Life would look very different if Kassie with a K was never made up. These stories brought them closer together.

They realized their own unique, beautiful way of communicating. As adults, this mother/daughter duo of published authors realized other kids and parents could benefit from these same adventures.  

Not Pictured


Samantha R. Williams was born in West Philadelphia.  She was educated in the public school system and graduated from University City High School.  She continued her education, receiving an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies.

Samantha is a born-again Christian.  She has studied 15 doctrines and completed several accredited biblical leadership courses.  She served as coordinator of a women’s ministry for two years.  Samantha also served in a public relations ministry for over 10 years.

Samantha wears many hats as a sister, friend, wife, aunt, friend, and daughter.  She was the last one of 13 children born to her parents.  She is most proud of being the wife of Theodore A. Williams for over 20 years and mother of three children (Jocelynn, Titus, and Benjamin).  She is also the beaming grandmother of Taylen A. Williams.

Samantha obeyed the Holy Spirit and homeschooled her sons from second through eighth grade.  She believes this helped them to gain academic footing and establish Christian values before releasing them into the public school setting. 

Samantha's life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6 which states: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Within all that is in her, she still gives God all the glory.  No one would guess with all of her spunkiness and positive attitude that she lives with sickle cell anemia.

Joann B. Farlow is a graduate of St. John High School in Cameron, SC. She received her B.S. Degree from Claflin University, Orangeburg, South Carolina. She received her Masters of Education Degree from Lesley University and an Educational Specialist Degree from Walden University. She is a Business Technology teacher in the Orangeburg County School District.

 Rev. Farlow is a Licensed and Ordained Minister at Unity Fellowship Community Church, Orangeburg, SC where she serves as an Associate Minister, Discipleship Class Facilitator, and Spiritual Leader of the Women’s Ministry.     

Her goal is to help others find the same intimate relationship with God and the revelation knowledge she has found- “Everything we are praying for, we already have.”   She wants others to know that God has so much greater for us.  As we allow God to transform us, we position ourselves for the greater works Jesus said we will do in the Supernatural.

Rev. Farlow loves God and is a woman of prayer and faith.  One of her favorite scripture is Matthew 10:1: “And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.”

JF 013.jpg

Noreen Baker, born and raised in Darlington, SC.

Her gift of words is inspired by times spent with her grandmother. She enjoyed watching her enjoy life.  She is inspired further by her daughters, grandson, nephews, and cousin who continuously overcome the great demands of life as they journey through adulthood. 

 She is also inspired to help others move forward by writing words of encouragement based on personal experiences, interactions, places, events, or things.

 Noreen’s hobbies include reading and writing poetry, calligraphy, tennis, listening to music, exercising, walking, line dancing, watching sports, and helping others.

 She has two daughters and one grandchild.

Dr. Gloria Gilmore Watkins, born and raised in Columbia, SC, graduated from CA Johnson High School.  She received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and attended graduate classes at Columbia International University and Liberty University. 

 Dr. Watkins holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Central Christian University of SC.  She also attended the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling, which led to her being licensed under the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC).

 Dr. Watkins is currently employed as Dean of the Christian Counseling Department at Central Christian University of SC.

 She notes that her greatest achievement was the day she received Jesus as her personal Savior.

 She enjoys reading, crossword puzzles, and watching God’s glory be manifested every time the sun rises and sets.


Barbara Corley was born in Lexington, SC.  She graduated from Wagener Salley High School.  Her passion for helping others led her to obtain a certificate as a Social Service Assistant from Aiken Technical College.  Barbara also received an On Job Training certificate where she will able to help train people within their companies.

 Barbara has worked in multiple school districts in South Carolina for 22 years.  She has served in a variety of roles as a teacher’s assistant, an after school teacher, an in-school suspension monitor, and as a Chapter 1 Tutor providing 10-15 minutes of one-on-one instruction to struggling students. 

 Barbara enjoys writing.  She began writing in her late teens.  Her previous work include, Ms. B’s Book of Poems.  Her upcoming works will include a children’s book on friendship and a second book of poems on Love & Faith. 

 Barbara’s passion includes traveling, sewing, and helping others.  She makes clothes, draperies, throw pillows, and children’s blankets. 

 Her passion for helping others is evident as she serves as a volunteer in a Rock Hill Church and a counselor and mentor in a Job Corp program for women in women’s shelters.  She is passionate about ensuring that the older population and the children are taken care of.  She believes it is important to help provide them with health care, finances, medical services, or just a friendly talk. 

Betty Jenkins Hurst was born in Holly Hill, SC to Binkie and Lody.

 When Betty was twelve, she moved to Miami, Florida to be with her sisters after the death of their mother.  She completed high school and went on to graduate from the Robert Fiance Beauty School in 1987.  In 1989, she got her CDL license to drive a school bus.  She carried elementary through high school special needs students to school each day.  She considered them as her precious cargo.  Betty retired in 2016 from Richland School District 2 with over 30 years of service.

 Betty met her husband of 34 years in Miami.  They have one son and three grandsons.  She is a minister in her local assembly.  She has a great compassion for the homeless and is an excellent caregiver.

 Betty loves reading, writing, watching basketball, cooking, and studying the Bible.

When Betty was twelve, she moved to Miami, Florida to be with her sisters after the death of their mother.  She completed high school and went on to graduate from the Robert Fiance Beauty School in 1987.  In 1989, she got her CDL license to drive a school bus.  She carried elementary through high school special needs students to school each day.  She considered them as her precious cargo.  Betty retired in 2016 from Richland School District 2 with over 30 years of service.

 Betty met her husband of 34 years in Miami.  They have one son and three grandsons.  She is a minister in her local assembly.  She has a great compassion for the homeless and is an excellent caregiver.

 Betty loves reading, writing, watching basketball, cooking, and studying the Bible.


Alicia Coleman grew up in the small town of Saluda, South Carolina. As the only girl and eldest of four it was instilled in her to nurture and protect. Alicia is a visionary and goal oriented professional. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Benedict College and her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University. She is also a licensed Social Worker in South Carolina.  She has worked closely with the low income, abused, neglected, abandoned and disadvantaged populations through several State agencies and non-profit organizations. Alicia has embarked on many ventures from starting her own company Alicia Coleman Projects, LLC for social projects and Anointed Enterprises Management where she has hosted many Christian Music events, workshops and offered services to inspiring gospel artist.  After personally overcoming adversities from many facets of life, she gives all the credit for her victorious journey to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Currently, apart of the ministry team at Manna House Praise and Worship under the Center leadership of District Elder Alvin Smith. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and minister of the gospel who desires to see others walking in their purpose and living a bondage free life.

Thomas Morrison 1968-2020 was a inspirational autho, motivational speaker, National recording artist in Holy Hip Hop and Christian Rap. His stage name was The Sanktified Soulja.

Morrison was a native of Seattle Washington, but he also lived in California (Compton, Watts and South Central).

While growing up he witnessed many levels of poor decision-making including Substance Abuse, Drug Dealing, Stealing and Robbing. 

Through his family members’ influential actions, he too developed a knack for the same kind of behaviors and took similar paths of self-destruction causing him to serve 4 different prison sentences. 

During those prison times is when Morrison wrote a great deal of his music which consisted of his hurts, pains, love for his family, his real-life struggles, mistakes, losses, and the deep-seated love that he had for God. 

Also while in prison, he studied God's word and developed a relationship with the Lord surrendering his life and was baptized in 1995.  

After many successful years in and out of the Rap Music Industry and a short-lived contract with Death Row Records (cut short due to a return to prison), the once a street thug name (T-Lo) and the Gangster Rapper name of (BG Smoov),


He will be remembered as “The Sanktified  Soulja,” a passionate soul for Christ, the arts, and his fans. 


Jurline Younge attended Rutgers the State University of New Jersey before moving to Sumter SC. Her passion for writing grew as she completed her master’s at Cambridge College in Augusta, GA. During her final years as a Special Education teacher, she set her sights on captivating her readers with a spellbinding debut novel, “Where is Mila?”

John Leslie Gibson resides in Sumter, SC, with his wife Doncella Gibson.  He is semi-retired from the State of South Carolina where he has served in several positions of social service, as well as the health care industry.  John is active in his community.  He is also the proud father of three children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

 The Roots of an Entrepreneur is John’s first book, which was inspired by his daughter, Monique Sandiford, who is the author of her first children’s book, Gimme Kimmy and the Wiz.d the Wiz.


Dorothell Helena White-Muldrow, born in Brooklyn, NY to the parents of James and Helen Dorothell White.  As a young child, she and her brother moved south to live with their grandparents. 

 She is married to Reuben Muldrow and to that union there are four children; Lisa, Marquis, Ingell and Anthony. They have a rich legacy of 11 grandchildren.

 Dorothell’s hobbies include sewing and flower gardening. In her spare time, she like visiting garden nurseries, Bible bookstores, and the antique shops. These things brighten her day.

 God endowed Dorothell with something extraordinary. Her personal ministry inspires, encourages, heals, and bring joy. She shares that gift with words through songwriting, poetry, a little baking, and foliage giving.

 Dot, as she is affectionately called by close friends and family watched her writings emerge on the scene in early 2000’s. She’s been writing about 17 years. Her first writing was revealed through a dream about her pastor's wife who taught her the lyrics of a song with title and music to, “That's Love, God's Love.”  Out of the dream came five stanzas she vividly heard, saw, and committed to memory only by God's divine help.  Through this song, the message impacted everyone who experienced it. for others.


Dr. Yvonne F. Keitt is an entrepreneur, licensed social worker, advocate, speaker, and writer.  Yvonne  is founder and CEO of Leadership Principles Consulting, a training and consulting company. She has been actively supporting and promoting women/children and human rights issues for a decade by serving on boards, committees, conducting workshops, and working in the faith community.  Yvonne has a passion to inspire and see people move into their destiny and reach their full potential.  She strongly believes every person has gifts to influence the world around them and become catalyst of change.  Her experiences include positions in adoption, mental health, mental retardation, and education.  Yvonne presently served on the Advisor Board of a transitional facility for women and children and coordinates Life Skills training and workshops for women. She is actively involved and serves on a Human Rights committee for families.  She received her Bachelors of Science from the University of South Carolina, a Master of Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and a Doctor of Christian Counseling Degree from Cathedral Bible College in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She was the former business owner and director of The Biblical Dance Institute.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, and fashion design.  She is the wife of Curtis Keitt and the mother of Sterling and Amber.  Their family resides in Columbia, SC.


Venis Livingston, a low-country resident of South Carolina,  is an only child to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jamison.  She is a mother of two and grandparent of seven, but she mentors and parents many over the east coast. Miss V, affectionately called by her peers and people whom she ministers to in the streets, is known throughout for being a community liaison. Her hobbies include traveling, caring, serving, and worshipping her GOD.Her heart’s desire is to have a haven for people who are homeless, without clothes and other essentials. She is best known as an advocate for battered and abused women and children.  She is a part of the promotions department for the  South Carolina Human Trafficking Resource Center, providing awareness.

Victoria Owens is a passionate advocate, politician, and speaker. She has always been drawn to helping others and is described by her sisters as having a heart of gold. She has spent over three decades in the health field as an EKG Technician. Victoria’s passion came center stage as she worked as an advocate for better healthcare within a healthcare union. She has been actively supporting and advocating for issues facing American families and seniors for many years. Councilman Andy King  saw the passion of Owens and asked her to come aboard, of which she is thankful for the opportunity. She presently serves as a Council Aide with the 12th District Bronx, New York. Victoria is a widow and the mother of three grown sons – Gerald, Robert, and Kenny.


Purpose, Passion, and Leadership are the three words 36-year-old Grand Caymanian, Robinette Rankin lives by.  Robinette is a manager and volunteer coordinator for a Transitional Home for homeless women and children.  She has dedicated her life to serving women—those battling depression and survivors of domestic violence. Robinette is a certified life coach and mentor leader.  She uses what she learned from the “School of Hard Knocks” as a testimony and teaching guide to uplift, inspire, and empower women to see their true potential and help them to reach their success. Robinette is a mother of two college-attending, young adults.  She credits her children with teaching her the valuable concepts of unconditional love, respect, and kindness.  She believes it is important to share those attributes with everyone she encounters. 


Delores Brown is a strong woman of faith.  She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  Mrs. Brown is a former business owner and manager to a Christian Bookstore, “The Little Vessel” for ten years. She received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.  Delores is very people-oriented.  For years, she has been actively advocating to ensure people use their voice to shape the political system by their vote.  She has worked at polls during elections. Delores has a passion to serve the elderly population and work in evangelism.

Some of her hobbies include designing, flower arrangements, and art collecting. Delores is a widow and the mother of three grown sons Gregory, Jimmie, and Derek.

Juanita Frazier was born in the oldest city in South Carolina; the rich Geechee culture of Charleston to an unwed mother.  She is the fourth of five girl children.  Juanita, a baby boomer loves family, God, life, people, children, the arts, entertainment, and music.  Juanita, whose name was later amended through adoption to Louise Marie, was educated in S.C. public schools and graduated high school in Florence, SC.  Louise serves, at present, in a local assembly in Columbia, SC as music minister, choir director, and is on the pulpit ministry staff.  She has served as a musician, minstrel, and music minister for more than 50 years.  Louise is also a minister of the Gospel.  She is known throughout the United States as a soothing Gospel songster.  Louise is well-traveled with her musical career.  She has recorded seven musical CD projects.  She is married to trumpet extraordinaire, Linton J. Smith, JR., her life partner.  With his jazz style and her gospel structure, they make music of an incredible sound called jazzpel.  She is a three-time published author, she’s an award-winning national recording artist, and founder of a thriving publishing company.  Her greatest accomplishment is being called mother.  Louise is the mother of three alpha males.  They have richly blessed her with daughters in marriage.  She affectionately calls them daughters-N-love.  She is a grandmother of seven.  Louise and Linton have a blended family of 8 children.  Altogether, they have 17 grands.  She is an advocate for special needs families with the ARC of South Carolina as her youngest son has Down’s Syndrome.  She continues her legacy through singing, playing piano, writing songs and books, speaking, and being a life coach for many.  Her aspiration is to record a song with legendary singers, Babbie Mason and Cece Winans.

Lavinia Young, 1955 – is the 5th of 14 children born in beautiful Gullah country; Beaufort, South Carolina.

She and her family had humble beginnings, but they were always surrounded with care and reared with a very strong faith and family love. Marriage yielded more than 30 years with LaVinia and her beloved Luke.  One of her  most precious and greatest  accomplishments was being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Young has a ministry heart for the needs of people. Her passion for outreach extends, but not limited to prisons, jails, and wherever God leads. Another accomplishment is her personal and pastoral ministry which spans over 35 years. This came with experience of servanthood, and collegiate studies. With tenacity, and a strong resolve, she graduated with full credentials from the Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. She leads a thriving church in Metro-city, South Carolina where she now resides as the ordained senior pastor. Pastor Young founded Oasis of Hope Outreach Ministry of ECCM, out of a need to serve her community, and the Kingdom of God. When she’s not pastoring the flock, she can be found journaling, and spending time with her amazing family of three young adult children and eleven grandchildren. She loves corporate and private worship, cooking and traveling.  She has traveled internationally, to Costa Rica, Central America, where she ministered divine healing to the masses.

Valerie_Lane_back cover.jpg

Valerie Hodge Lane, 1965, South Carolina born, has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science degree in Human Services. She is an accomplished and sought-after inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and domestic violence advocate. Her goal is to, “Get to the Root of the Problem,” and to inspire others to move pass their past and progress into a world of hope, triumph, and accomplishment. She has spoken to thousands of people from all walks of life on topics that range from personal and professional growth, to the development of healthy relationships and love.

Over the years, Valerie has taken on a multitude of roles because of the challenges that have come into her life. While she was conquering those obstacles, she realized that she must share with the world, the tools she was given. She has lectured on the collegiate level, as well as conducted open forums for men, women, and teenagers. She has facilitated individual and group counseling sessions, most notably, “Making Peace with Your Past,” therapeutic support groups. Valerie served as a vice-president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She was co-chairperson of the Lee County Domestic Violence Coalition of South Carolina and also served on the Board of the Lee County Center Teen Advisory Board. She has developed and implemented workshops for A Better Way: Project GO “Gang Out.” She has also worked as a victim’s advocate for Sistercare, Inc. of South Carolina.

Valerie has spoken in front of large audiences, such as the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) National Conference, Without Walls International Church (under the direction of Paula White), and as a keynote speaker at the National Mean Girls Conference.  She has presented to smaller audiences, such as the South Carolina School Counselors Association and The Department of Juvenile Justice Management Team.

Valerie is married to Darryl Lane and has a son named Deron Sample, Jr. She is the founder and President of Positive Image Consulting Firm.

Thomas Bryan, JR – 1961 was born in Beaufort County S.C, on Hilton Head Island. He was nurtured by four fathers and five mothers; his grandparents, James Bryan, Jr., Julia Bryan, Freddie Chisolm, and Leotha Chisolm; his parents, Thomas Bryan, Sr, Laura Bryan, and his oldest sister Mumtahanah Abdul-Malik.

They all took a meaningful part in molding him into a conscious black man. He grew up working with his father and grandfather on the river harvesting oysters, clams, fish, but most of all, shrimp. Shrimping was the family business. During the seventies, while in his teens, he worked as a line cook for one of many restaurants on the Island. He since married and had three children, who are the lights that keep his light shining. His occupation changed to carpentry which he continues to this day. As his children progressed in age, he found himself with a lot of free time on his hands, so he dedicated his time to an old hobby; writing. One could usually find

Bryan and his good friend Bernard Snyder writing poetry. Thomas Bryan, JR is hopeful to be a

professional writer/poet turning his “hobby” into his last full-time occupation; (his curiosity).


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Reverend Frances W. Cox was the seventh child born to her parents in Anderson, SC. Her parents were adamant about making certain their children were religiously trained.

Fran, affectionately called by some friends and family, was educated in the public schools in her county and completed higher degrees in the sciences. She aspired to become a medical doctor, but decided to become a physics and chemistry teacher instead.

Cox also became an ordained and licensed minister while holding a job as a teacher.

She continued her Christian education at Liberty Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia and received a divinity degree to assist her while pastoring a church full time.                                                   

There was always a calling on Cox’s life and it was proven many times over in dreams and visions as a child. Fran’s mother was very protective of her because a fetus was discovered while she was prepping for surgery to remove tumors from her reproductive system. That was probably the mother-daughter link that made them almost inseparable. They had an incredible closeness.

Because of the many obstacles and challenges wrought by the forces of evil to bring demise to Frances’ spirit, soul and body, she decided to pen this book to describe her experiences and the forces in the world that are constantly at odds with each other. As an illustrator, Frances Cox shows how these forces came and were defeated. This book shows how the reader may use these examples and Scriptures inserted in the appendix to overcome impossibilities in their lives. Cox is a published author of the book entitled, The Woman's Daily Meditations in Psalms published 2015 by West Bow Press.

Lakisha Saxon Forrester is a native of South Carolina. She has taught in the general education and special education settings at the elementary and middle school levels.  As an educator, she believes that every child is entitled to an enriching education. She has been passionate in her commitment to maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in learning, and providing a stimulating learning environment that fosters confidence and encourages students to reach their full potential.

As an avid journal writer, Lakisha understands the power of words. Her first published work is entitled,

4-Word Prayers, which is an interactive, year-long journal designed to help people of all ages to increase their prayer lives by recording their most intimate thoughts, requests, petitions, and praise to the Lord.

 Lakisha’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 18:21 which says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” This scripture was influential in aspiring her to conduct research in the area of verbal bullying. Through her research, she produced original educational resources that can be found on her recently opened, online Teachers Pay Teachers store, Educational Crystals.

Lakisha is married to Kevin Forrester and has the cutest and most hyperactive dogs ever—Timba (Gerberian Shepksy) and Zoe (Yorkshire Terrier). She is also a member of the Pen of a Ready Writer Society.

Carol Nash is founder and CEO of Bernadette’s House, Inc. located in Laurel, Maryland. Carol is a native New Yorker. Carol’s professional background includes nearly 35 years in healthcare and education, which includes international consulting. She holds a degree in nursing as well as Healthcare Administration and a Master of Arts in Religion. Carol is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband, the Honorable Eli Nash Jr. in Maryland where she has spent many enjoyable years pursuing her passion for entertaining and travel. Carol has worked in corporate education where she has developed and trained such topics as customer service, team building, coaching and mentoring and many more. As a Registered Nurse, Carol recognized that it is not only physical pain that causes problems in our society, but also emotional pain, which sometimes goes much deeper, causing anger, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and apathy among our children. Carol is dedicated to making a difference in the world of children.

Kimberly Thompson was born in suburban, Columbia, South Carolina on December 7th, 1993.  Despite our ups and downs, the love shaded for one another remained constant. From the time Kimberly was young, she has always had a gift for writing. She believes her vivid imagination gave her the ability to create great plots and interesting characters within a story. She loves creating stories.Writing Blood On White Roses began when she was a junior at Irmo High School. She then took a hiatus until sometime in her senior year. Though it was sometimes challenging, She became more devoted to completing it. Blood On White Roses is a masterpiece, although it is Thompson's first story.  Kimberly takes great pride in the time and effort she put into it over these few years.

Janice P. Wright is the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Theodore, Sr. and Mrs. Eartha Prather of Aiken, South Carolina and Philadelphia, PA. She is the granddaughter of the late Rev. George, Jr. and Mrs. Mable Burckhalter and Deacon Frank and Alberta Prather of Aiken, SC.

 Janice is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is married to Thomas Wright her husband of 33 years. Janice and Thomas worshipped at Life Source International Church in White Marsh, Maryland. Currently, they reside in Aiken, South Carolina.

 Janice attended the Baltimore School of the Bible and is a graduate of the Central Christian University, where she earned a degree in biblical studies. In 2014 she was ordained as a Minister of God at Life Source International Church.

 Minister Wright is a Mentor, Spiritual Leader and Biblical Educator for the Debutantes in Christ, (DEBS –IN-CHRIST) a ministry for young ladies.  She loves being involved in this ministry because it exposes young ladies to etiquette and culture, allowing them to grow into” Godly Women” fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

 She holds a Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Administration. Janice has over 30 years of experience in health care. She has combined administrative expertise with experiences in leadership development, professional/adult education, and organizational development. She is currently employed with the Federal Government, serving in the Chaplain Service at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Janice’s favorite prayer is the Lord's Prayer. She loves to hear it spoken, song or hummed. Her deepest ministry desire is that His Will Be done in her life and in the lives of the children of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Charles Allen Ford, 1955- 2018 ws the remaining child of a twin birth. They were born in Chestertown, Maryland.  His twin succeeded him in death at birth. Charles was reared and educated in  Wilmington, Delaware.  While in high school, he wrestled under the leadership of Coach Seabrook. Charles under his wing, Charles at 98 pounds competed at state for three years. His military career afforded Ford to have his own wrestling team.

Charles retired from the United States Army after 21 years.  Reflecting over his life, Charles notes that he appreciates the time he spent with great leaders who helped him to grow and become the man he is today.

In S.H.A.P.E. (Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe), Belgium in March 1976 (United States Army).

March, 1980 (Killeen, Texas) began his ministerial training.

From that, he accepted his call as an Apostle,  June 1999. He has traveled the world preaching the gospel in Texas, South Carolina,  Alabama (where we started a Cell Group), Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, Korea, Germany, to list a few.  He re-entered the military with the Army National Guard in 1974. He finished basic training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina as a clerk typist. 

The only way he could stay in the Army the second time around, ironically, as Charles explains, was to take it when his drill sergeant “sat on me.”  To this day, Charles says, he’s grateful for his D.S. leadership ability.

Ford encountered a young lady name Juanita Lovett, who would one day become his wife. She also was in the communication field. Charles didn’t know Juanita was a switchboard operator. He was also a switchboard operator. She invited him to church, led him to the altar, where he encountered his first experience with the Lord, then they started their journey.Their connection would have such a profound affect and has spanned some 40 years.

Her tenacity became a part of his success story.  Feb. 14, 1977, Charles asked Juanita for her hand in marriage. She said, “YES,” and on June 18, 1977, they were married. Charles says if he had not married Juanita Lovett, his life would not have gone in the direction it has.   boils down to her “leadership” ability and his willingness to allow her to be a developer in his life. 


LaVetra Sullivan -  1973 Resided in Kingstree, South Carolina.  A 1991 graduate of Kingstree Senior High; in 1995 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Mass Communications from Francis Marion University in Florence, SC; in 2005, earned a Master's degree from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sullivan coordinated many school and community projects over the past twenty years. She began her teaching career in the private sector and moved to public education in 2001 with her first teaching assignment at Edisto High School in Cordova, South Carolina.

In 2003, she started working with Calhoun County High School in St. Matthews, South Carolina, where she is currently still employed. She was Teacher of the Year, Freshman Academy Lead Teacher, After School Homework Center Coordinator, and advisor for various clubs and organizations. Ms. Sullivan has taught ninth through twelfth grade English for the past sixteen years and has been selected to take on a new role as English Department Chairperson.  She also teaches Reading, Journalism, and African-American Literature.

LaVetra has spearheaded and worked summer and year-long projects throughout Calhoun and Orangeburg counties which include a tutoring and writing business entitled Enrichment-on-the-Go, Girls in Pink, an organization for girls ages 13-18, and Angels of Praise, a praise dance team. She is a member of The Pen of a Ready Writer Society, an organization for aspiring writers in Columbia, SC.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, and acting. She acted and performed in many church and school plays as a child and won several oratorical contests throughout high school and college.  Her most recent performance was in the stage play "Lord, Please Help My Family" written and directed by Pastor Raymond Brown.


Effson Chester Bryant, a native of Sampit, SC, is an author, self-taught photographer, storyteller, historian, genealogist, pastor and military veteran. His first authored work entitled “Precious Memories Oh How They Linger: A Walk Through the Tombstones of Sampit and North Santee (African American Communities).  His work was so extensive that he divided the chronicle into Part I and Part II.

Reverend Dr. Janice Hutto Washington is a retired educator and an ordained minister. She believes teaching children early to think positively and setting goals will have a profound impact on their emotional stability, character and success in life.

Half a Rabbit is Dr. Washington’s first children’s short story. Educators and parents reading Half a Rabbit to their children have found an excellent way to communicate the importance of family, values, honesty and rules in the life of a child.

The vivid illustrations make the story come alive for children and adults. Half a Rabbit is a wholesome way for parents and educators to encourage children to pursue excellence in their life.

Eric T. Ferguson is a native of Cross, S.C., and a 1994 graduate of Cross High School.

Eric graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 1999 and from Webster University in 2009 with a  MBA in Human Resources Management.

Ferguson began mentoring in 2005 with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, and has been matched with his mentee ever since, while mentoring several other youth and young adults. Eric has served as a panelist on numerous community forums on the importance of saving and mentoring young African-American males, and is passionate about developing young men today so that they will be positive contributors to our society tomorrow. As a Human Resources professional, Eric is driven by the opportunity to aide in the development of our youth so that they are prepared for the workplace that awaits them.

Evelyn Evans-Gregg 1961- 2017 was a native of Florence, South Carolina, She was married with one daughter. She is a writer for You Writers /LifeWay Resource and Publication. Mrs. Gregg enjoyed Creative writing, refurbishing furniture, Home Interior/Floral Designed, singing praises unto the Lord with the praise team at her church, she served as a Deaconess, Chaplain on the Pastors Aide Ministry, and an instructor for the New Members Orientation class as well as singing with a gospel group. She was a part of Praising God despite of Prayer Line that is on call every Thursday Night. Her gifts have allowed her to inspire and encourage those whom she meet. She was a member of the Pen of a Ready Writer Society.

John Aiken 1934 - 2018, grew up and was educated in the public school systems of Timmonsville, South Carolina. John served in the United States Air Force in communications, and has been married to a former Southern Bell Telephone operator for 59 years. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and is an avid GAMECOCK fan.

 He retired in 1996 from the State of South Carolina as a personnel administrator.  Prior to joining the state, John sold Remington Typewriters and was an Employment Counselor for Snelling and Snelling.

 He was a member of Columbia Toastmasters for 25 years and wrote a humor column for The Irmo News for three and ½ years. He resides in Irmo, SC with his wife.

Ethel (Effia Mae) Gordon Wade, a minister of the gospel, radio minister in Orangeburg, native of Norway, South Carolina.

 Accepting the call to ministry in March 1984, she remains committed to the duty of God and man. She graduated Cum Laude in Biblical studies at Greater Faith Baptist Bible Institute. She also has a Tract Ministry. You are invited to look for her tracts on her Facebook page Minister Ethel G. Wade.                 

If you would like to become a Christ follower, and learn the ways of joy, and find peace in the midst of all turmoil, seek the Lord through His word and prayer.  For more information, please contact Ethel Wade at: ministerewade@yahoo.com

 Her favorite Bible verses are I was chosen and ordained by God,

(John 15:16 Paraphrased), “Chosen by God in the furnish of affliction” Isaiah 48:10 “I was left alone to wrestle with the LORD” Genesis 32:24 and “To be made a minister” Ephesians 3:7.

Dr. Mary Hancock is a resident of Columbia, SC  with husband of 25 years.  They have three lovely daughters.  Dr. Hancock is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Hancock is a thirteen year veteran educator. 

Dr. Hancock’s parents affirmed to all she and her 12 siblings that there is a higher authority, God and that everything and everyone has a purpose.  She is a U.S. Army veteran. She fought in Operation Desert Storm in 1990.  She is a freelance writer. She has a previous work published entitled What to Do When: From Spiritual Fulfillment to Self-Fulfillment Nothing Missing.

Dr. Keisha Gill-Jacob – 1971, a New York native, is a wife, mother, author, poet, educator, and entrepreneur. Her fondest and most devastating moments all stem from her childhood home in Weeksville, Gardens projects. She attributes a great deal of her life’s inspiration to the experiences she’s shared with her childhood friends, much of which have inspired her to author her own book. Dr. Gill-Jacob knew that God would take her on a path that would mature her into an individual that would serve as a role model for others.

Dr. Gill-Jacob is the CEO and Founder of IMBUED, LLC. Her business strives to promote wellness in its totality by bringing no gimmick premium products to the market since 2014.

Kristine Dixon - is a daughter of the Most High, wife, mother of four young men, and grandmother of nine who has encountered many trials from sexual abuse at the age of seven to enrolling into college at the age of forty.  

She is able to relate to an array of issues on many facets of life.  Willing to strip bare and display her scars, Kristine desires to encourage others through her experiences.  
Healing has taken many years and continues through the strength of God.  Because of the peace that has been found, it is time to share her testimony with others and extend an opportunity of renewal to everyone through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Andrea D. Daniels – 1968, birthplace, Pamplico, SC. Andrea is an author, mother of twin sons and a Limestone College graduate in healthcare administration. Niecy, affectionately called, enjoys people, laughter, reading, singing, line dancing, and spending time with family and friends. She is a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Duke Blue Devils. She is a member of New Hopewell Baptist Church in Darlington, South Carolina, where she assists her parents in ministry as Sunday School teacher, choir member, hospitality team, and S.O.S. (Sisters Offering Support) committee. She is also a member of the Pen of a Ready Writer Society.

Markeeta Denise was born in Camden, New Jersey.  She attended Camden County College and the University of Phoenix.  She studied Criminal Justice, Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Business Administration, Mortgages and Real Estate.  She managed a retail store for thirteen years and thought she had found her profession.  Through it all, Markeeta kept a pen and pad, to write poetry and recited her material to others to get their opinions.


After much positive feedback, Markeeta finally realized and acknowledged her God-given talent for writing and her natural gift of poetry.  She never dreamed, for one minute. she would be able to become a Writer and Spoken Word Artist.  Her performances hive filled her and her audiences with joy and insight. It has taken Markeeta over forty years to find her gift and share her blessings, but what’s really important is that she is doing what she was created to do.

Apostle Juanita Ford is a native of Marianna, Florida. An international teacher and conference speaker, Apostle Ford has traveled extensively to faraway lands that include Germany, Belgium and Alaska.

A graduate of Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Apostle Ford also completed the selective Minister’s Education Development program offered by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar through World Changers Ministries in College Park, Georgia. Apostle Ford is married to Apostle Charles A. Ford and together they minister the life-changing message of Jesus Christ all over the world! In the years ahead, the couple plans to extend their ministry to include a Christian bookstore, Healing and Spiritual Clinic for Women with Fibroid Tumors, residential homes for low-income families and a Christian resort. The Fords also plan to establish a series of classes throughout the United States for those who operate in five-fold ministry. Through the Word of God and personal testimony, Apostles Charles and Juanita Ford are making a tremendous impact in the lives of people both domestically and abroad!

Sharon Holmes is the Founder/CEO of Women of Destiny, True Dreams Showcase & Carrington, LLC. She is a native of South Carolina.  She is the devoted wife of Pastor Ricardo Holmes, Sr. and the mother of Ricardo Holmes, Jr. Mrs. Holmes has a daughter-in-law, Shawna, and a beautiful granddaughter, Karyna.

While obtaining a Business degree and pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration,

Mrs. Holmes served the community in the capacity of a marriage seminar facilitator,mentor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Through these various avenues, she devoted her work to helping people in all walks of life to overcome their personal obstacles. Mrs. Holmes, along with her husband, is committed to promoting spiritual growth and maturity by encouraging women to value themselves as the Queens God created them to be and inspiring men to rise up and walk in their preordained position as Kings on the earth.

Mrs. Holmes is a firm believer that regardless of what you have been through; failures or life’s disappointments, it is never too late to pursue your dreams! Faith will turn dreams into realities and promises into possession.

Odell Lendor Glenn, Jr Columbia, SC -- As an educator and ordained minister, Odell Glenn Jr. has spent his entire life putting the welfare of others before his own. Still, nothing could have prepared him to join the ranks of the 15% of Americans who are the primary caregiver to a loved one. It was a sudden deep-end dive into new beginnings, unexpected struggle and a new rhythm of life that was unlike anything experienced before.

A few years down the line, Glenn is now able to care for his parents with skill and compassion, while also enjoying his own life and remaining vibrantly healthy. Glenn learned the hard way, amassing a wealth of information he is about to release as an uplifting new guide to fellow caregivers and those about to assume this new chapter in their life.

His new book, Caregiving: The Inspirational Manual (200 Caregiver Tips with Healthy Lifestyle Benefits), pays homage to the dozens of people who encouraged Glenn to fight through the tough early days of learning to be a caregiver. He owes them such a debt of gratitude that he now sees it as his journey to reach out to others.



Heather Ann Cook - 1976 born Heather Ann Pounds in a rural town outside of Columbia SC. 
Heather is a mother of 5 children and the wife of Willie Cook a United States Military soldier. They reside in Kaiserslautern, Germany. 
She is a homemaker and this allows her to serve others as she serves our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She and her husband have opened their home in Germany to minister to others through Coffee, Canvases & Conversations. Heather is often found traveling with an Evangelistic ministry called Time to Revive. 
Heather is a person who expresses the joy of The Lord and love for others. She believes true freedom only comes when people receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and their Lord. Her heart's passion is to travel around the world meeting others and making an imprint on their lives. 
Heather is excited to become a new author with her first book Beyond the Bars, One Woman's Journey to TRUE FREEDOM. Her prayer is that this book be used as a testimony of God's grace, mercies and unfailing love towards each one of us. For those who read it with struggles themselves or have a loved one who struggles, that their hope will be discovered at the Cross.  


Pastor Rhonda Bello is a Maryland native and loves the Lord, education, reading as well as teaching.  She retired 2011 from the United States Army where she served over 24 years of faithful service.  She is now less than 1 year from receiving her Doctorate Degree in Business in Administration from University of Phoenix.  Rhonda holds her MA in accounting from University of Phoenix.  She is in the executive board for a NGO agency, Global Organization for Humanitarian Relief as the Legal Advisor, certified with IRS to perform services for tax preparation, a mentor with University of Phoenix Mentorship Program, University of Maryland Mentorship Program, America Corporate Partners (ACP) Protégé program and Business and Professional Women Foundation (BPW).  Rhonda is District 27 Toastmasters Chaplain. Rhonda is also University of Phoenix Alumni District of Columbia President.  She is co-founder and currently works as the Assistant Pastor at Holy Mountain International Ministries.

Rhonda Bello has also written an endorsement for a book.  She is also a contributing author in the book called, You are called to Greatness.  Her first book was publish March 2015 entitled Women of Yesterday for Women of Today.

As a transformational leader and the faith of prayer, Rhonda’s future endeavors include helping expand Prayer and Salvation Organization to different parts of the world and leaving the knowledge of what prayer can do in each and everyone’s lives.  Rhonda will incorporate private consulting for revivals, power lunches and also educational services for starting churches.  The Prayer and Salvation Organization have joined the Aderaf Investments, LLC international business.  

She believes that the people calls impossible are possible with God.  Her favorite theorists are Taylor (1911) who states we must work smarter not harder. Maslow (1943) who describes the hierarchy of needs is her other favorite theorist.  The Bible states in the book of (Romans 13:8) “We should owe nothing but love” and that is what she lives by every day.  Every day is the best day of her life.

Bamidele Bello - is the Presiding Pastor of Holy Mountain International Ministries (Blessed House) located on 7755 Belle Point Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770, United States of America.

He is an anointed and gifted Teacher, Preacher, and Motivator. Bamidele Bello is known for his undiluted and life applicable teaching and preaching of God’s Word.

Bamidele Bello is blessed in ministry with divine help and is married to his lovely wife Rhonda Bello with children.

Jeffrey A. James 1965 is an author, passionate teacher, and Gospel preacher from Columbia, South Carolina.  He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Final Authority Christian Church and President of Destiny Bible College, both located in Columbia, South Carolina.  His wife Princetta assists him in ministry.  They are the parents of three lovely daughters. 


In 1998, God gave him a vision to restore, renew, and refresh marriages, by facilitating monthly marriage seminars. Having served in various ministry capacities in the Body of Christ over the years, he recognized God was preparing him for his call to be a Pastor and Teacher.  Pastor Jeffrey received the call of God to preach and teach the Gospel in 1998.


Jeffrey is a visionary with a passion to teach and preach a message of health, love, restoration, and victorious living.  He seeks to exemplify God’s love and to encourage all to live balanced joyful lives.  


Final Authority Christian Church was birthed on January 20, 2005. Today under Jeffrey’s leadership, the ministry has a wide range of entities, including a Bible College, School of Ministry, School of Leadership, a Bookstore, and Annual Marriage Retreat.


Jeffrey’s desire is to see men and women in the body of Christ equipped and trained to carry out their God ordained assignments with excellence and integrity.  As an aspiring author, Jeffrey has written several articles for local publications as well as a local newspaper before deciding to author his first book. 


As he continues to make an impact through the Word of God on the lives of everyone open to receive, God is faithful to manifest Himself in ways that are exceedingly abundantly, above all that we could ever ask or think. 


Jeffrey is committed to leading a church that glorifies God and exceeds all expectations by making the “Word of God Final Authority.”


ViNita Williams Davis1953 was born in Columbia, SC. Davis, affectionately called “Nita” those closest to her is known for her passionate event planning, web designing and building.  She has an eclectic appetite for many school of learning.  ViNita is a 1981 college graduate with a medical office administration.  She matriculated to Shuler School of Cosmetology where she graduated.  She has also a Master Degree in Christian Ministry.

ViNita retired in 2005 from Palmetto Richland Hospital of twenty-five years of service as a Unit Secretary in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  In her Christian walk with Christ, Nita was baptized in Jesus named and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Davis has accomplished music in her life, academics, her beautiful Currently she is the President of the C. A. Johnson Class of ’71, and the Vice President of the C.A. Johnson Alumni Association.  She is the former President of the South Carolina Diabetes Coalition, and serves as a member of the South Carolina Diabetes Today Advisory Council.  She served as a Mentor to the Women Inmate’s at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, and sits presently on the board of directors at Central Christian University.

ViNita enjoys Desk Top Publishing, building web sites.  Planning programs and events are her passion.  She draws strength from doing acts of kindness to encourage those who are sometimes over looked and treated indifferently.  Her enthusiasm for her Salvation, her willingness to pay the price for her integrity, and ministering to those who are hurting, is her purpose in life.



Betty G. Adamson 1952-, wife, and anointed minister. Bettye is a dedicated servant to people and to God.  She proves this in her love for writing, speaking and living the good life of righteousness. She further proves her passions as the visionary of WOE Outreach Ministries.  She founded Women of Excellence in 1996.  She believes that God desires the whole family and the whole person to be healed whole and prosperous in the land of the living through Jesus Christ.

Under the umbrella of Outreach Ministries are Radio Ministry, Point of Grace Prison Ministry, Tic Tac Toe Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry (100 Voice Choir) and the Homeless and Street Ministry.

The passion and tanaciousness of the 5-Fold Inc is catching on line wild fire across the country.  Three of the four men meet with a common goal of music, ministry and the writing of  the children's series; the HOW 2 SERIES which is impacting mind-set everywhere.


Tysumner M. Gurley – 1990 - 2017 Florence, SC. is an honor high school graduate pursuing a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  Mr. Gurley is proficient in the sciences, English, and history. Gurley is a passionate go getter.  He loves life, music, writing, poetry and science. Currently a wireless care representative, Mr. Gurley is working on future publications through his gift of writing and word engineering.


Phillip Jones - 1989 born and raised in Columbia, Md. However, he now resides in Greensboro,  NC where he recently graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Music Performance. Phill is currently employed as an assistant manager at an IHOP restaurant. However, in his time away from work Phill utilizes his music abilities as a part of the worship team at New Day Church at High Point and also travels leading worship at other church services and gatherings throughout North Carolina.


Puerto Rican native Luis Gracia – 1984 grew up in Philadelphia,  PA. He attended Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology where he received  a degree in Graphic Design.  He then went on to further his education in graphic design at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Luis now works as a freelance graphic artist, however his career path is not centered around his graphic artistry. The centerpiece of Luis life is his musical career as a recording artist/ songwriter out of LA.


Mildred Juanita Poole Hart - 1954 was born in Pasquotank County, NC.  She loves the special time spent with family, especially her grandchildren who help to motivate her. Writing is her passion. “The Perfectly Painted Picture” is her first published book and the realization of a dream.  She truly appreciates the encouragement given her by her family, church family, and co-workers. Her dad, Roscoe Poole, Jr. is one of her most vocal cheerleaders: He always gives a, “You can do it!” word of encouragement. “PEN OF A READY WRITER SOCIETY” deserves a special “thank you” for the open door and the opportunity to participate in this endeavor. Above all, she thanks and gives honor to God who is her Source and greatest inspiration. With and in Him, all things are possible.

Nichole Smith - 1970  is a passionate author from Rocky Mount, N.C.  her freshman literary project is Poems by Nikki    and is a  life's work of heart. Her mother instilled the importance of reading to her as a child then a love and  maturity  for writing manifested by the 11th grade.  Smith is a professional editor and ghost writer and a member of the Pen of a Ready Writer Society. Her award winning writing style grips her readers with passion, compassion and soul.  Nichole  is a college attendee who throws herself into her daily work serving children with developmental challenges.  She loves writing plays and poetry and is also a music lover.  Nichole loves every aspect of writing.   Writing is her opportunity to let others visualize God’s conception.  She seeks to glorify God and point others towards Christ through her work.  Nichole is an active member of Christ Gospel Church.  Four of her plays have been performed in Christ Gospel Church of Elkton, Md. 




Patricia Shepard Quillen is a native of South Carolina. She is the mother of two and grandmother of seven. She is married to Jacob Quillen. Patricia accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her heart at an early age, under the leadership of the late Bishop JH Sherman. Patricia is a member of Abundant Life church, Dr. Carl Morris is her pastor. She is a member of family circles and serves on the praise team. Patricia is the founder of Caring Hearts of the Pee Dee. She accepted the call of God into ministry in August of 2010. Patricia has a heart for people especially hurting women and children.


Patricia received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Francis Marion University, and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in Myrtle Beach, SC. She received certification in Christian Counseling from Chapman University, School of theology, under the leadership of Pastor/ Apostle Lavern Chapman. Patricia is a notary republic of South Carolina.  “Patricia’s favorite bible verse is Philippines 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me’’ Her motto is If she can help somebody as I travel thru this life then, her living will not be in vain, let go and let God.

Quenten LaMar Howard—Texas born, the older of two children is a vivacious, passionate and innovative college student.  He is well traveled because of his military parents. Quenten is a student athlete and has won numerous awards for his skill and character on  and off the field. He has won awards such as all region Player of the year, National Athletic Scholar Award, and MVP of High School North South game.  Howard is a graduate of Blythewood High School (Home of the Bengals), and is presently a sophomore at Winthrop University and is an Exercise Science Major aspiring to become a Physical Therapist. He is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people think and look at the world. Quenten’s passion  is evident in everything he’s involved with. He is a strong young man and have a very unique outlook on life. Spending time writing his deepest thoughts down, he has decided to share his works with you. Allow this book to feed your soul and let YOUR mind become UNLEASHED.



Reverend Virginia Singleton is a family woman wife, mother and grandmother and influential in her passions and in her region. Her literary accomplishments are published poet, author, writer of short stories, and aspiring song writer and psalmist.  She is a Spiritual counselor and facilitator for Substance Abuse Counseling.  She is certified as an addictions counselor, Lamaze coach, and welder.  She holds memberships with Who’s Who in Business listed with Cambridge University, South Carolina Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (SCAADAC) and National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).  Her first book, “Encouraging Thoughts, Scriptures and Prayers begin the journey to an exciting future in getting to know God in a personal way.

She is a woman of prayer, faith and a woman of the Cloth.  She is a captivating and exhilarating preacher who has founded and pastors the flourishing and dedicated membership of Divine Church of Deliverance in Florence, South Carolina. 


Mary J. Bryant is a freelance writer and poet. She has had several articles published and she also writes for her website: www.doveministry378.org. After years of writing her prayers, poems and precious moments, she’s been inspired to share some of them with you. Her writings became the high point of her days. It was in those quiet moments her relationship with the Father grew more intimately. Mary absolutely stands on 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 “…I relied on the power of the Holy Spirit so they will not trust in human wisdom but the power God.”

Bryant’s goals are too cease to exist in her opinions, agendas, and will and surrender to the will of God. Her mission is to glorify God, edify the body of Christ, show the lost to the cross and Christians to maturity.

Louise Smith is a Gospel minister, songwriter, musician and recording artist who have published musical and literary works.  She is an inductee in the South Carolina Arts Commission, the Columbia Writer's Alliance and Pen of a Ready Writer Society of which she is the founder. She is the first author of Kingdom Builders Publication, which she is the founder. Some of her accomplishments include two musical solo projects called Night Song and Fragrance of a Worshiper.  The literary works include a pamphlet called I'm Ready to Say Yes, and Now That I'm In, What's Next?