Featured New 2021 Authors

Mary Katherine Ford

 Fiction, Children's Story, Grief, Loss, Family
8.5 X 8.5 Hard Cover 

Gloss  32 pages

ISBN: 978-0-578-80320-3

Kingdom Builders Publications, LLC

Where's George? is a book to help children deal with loss. Dealing with loss is something that can be very devastating, but with love, understanding and compassion, it can be dealt with and endured to a positive and loving ending.

Sheila Blackmon-Neal

What's In Your Hand, Mr. Preston?

 Non-Fiction, Children's Book, Heritage, Legacy, Pictorial
8 X 8 Soft Cover 

Gloss 42 Pages 


Kingdom Builders Publications, LLC

This book is about Mr. Preston (Rev. Dr. Preston Blackmon). A gifted, skilled, talented and unselfish man; who shared every gift he had with his God, his family, and all of mankind. Especially to the citizens of Lancaster, South Carolina.

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